armasi inc.

   Established  in 1988 as Automated Resource Mapping & Analysis Systems Integration Inc., armasi has map and spatial analysis skills and data resources that provide the capability to respond to a wide array of project requirements.

   Using industry standard Geographical Information Systems (GIS) combined with our own software tools and abundance of data  we have developed GIS products and software capabilities to provide professional, cost effective solution for a variety of GIS applications including demographic, environmental and land use analysis.


   Clients include state agencies:

       Florida Dept. of Transportation

       Florida Dept. of Environmental Regulation

       Florida Fish and Wildlife Consv. Commission

   Private sector companies:

       Fishkind and Associates

       Forest Land Owners  

       Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc. 

    And Research at Universities:

       Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing 

       Center for Urban Trans. Research (CUTR)

       Bureau of Economic & Business Res. @ UF


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